The American Academy of Pediatrics was founded in Detroit in 1930; pediatricians from New York were active in its formation (Check the American Academy of Pediatrics website for more of the history of its formation, current organization, activities and officers).  

By 1949 the state’s population had grown large enough for the AAP to classify New York state as a District by itself, and the state was divided into 3 Chapters, with Chapter 1 representing the Upstate area (50 counties), Chapter 2 representing Long Island (4 counties), and Chapter 3 representing the Greater NY City area (8 counties). 

The Upstate population consists of 6,286,792 residents (2000 census; 33% of the state population) with ~1020 pediatricians and pediatric specialists to serve the ~1,571,700 children and teens less than19 years old, and 72,935 births in the Chapter each year.

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