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Adolescent Health
Robert M. Cavanaugh, Jr., MD


Children with Disabilities (COCWD)
Susan L.  Hyman, MD

Dennis Z. Kuo, MD, MHS


Committee on Bioethics (COB)

Gina M. Geis, MD


Committee on Development (CODe)                          
Carmelita V. Britton, MD


Committee on Fetus/Newborn 
James J. Cummings, MD


Committee on Hospital Care (COHC) 
Michael S. Leonard, MD


Committee on Infectious Diseases (COID)

Mary T. Caserta, MD

Committee on Medical Liability and Risk Management (COMLRM)

Steven A. Bondi, JD, MD


Committee on Pediatric Education (COPE)

Cynthia Christy, MD

Committee on Pediatric Emergency Medicine (COPEM)

Greg Connors, MD

Communications and Media (COCM)

Elizabeth B. Murray, DO



Kathleen Bethin, MD

Lucy D. Mastrandrea, MD, PHD


National Nominating Committee

Carolyn Cleary, MD


Telehealth Care

Neil E. Herendeen, MD, MS