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Children With Disabilities

Committee Members:


Harold Kanthor, MD, Rochester, Chair

Agneta Borgstedt, MD, Rochester

Susan Hyman, MD

Anthony Malone, MD, Albany

Jane McCaffrey,  MD, Geneva

Regina Olasin, MD

Stephen Sulkes, MD, Rochester

Susan Hull, RN, Albany

Jan Walker, MD, Rochester

Susan Strahosky, MD, Ithaca


The following websites may provide useful information for pediatricians or families regarding children with disabilities:

New York State Early Intervention Program: A Parents' Guide for Children with Special Needs - Birth to Age Three.

Homepage of the Centers for Disease Control. Allows access to MMWR (Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reviews).

Center for Parent Information & Resources offers information and products created for the network of Parent Centers serving families of children with disabilities

"Exceptional Parent" Magazine website. Provides excellent resources for families of children with disabilities.


It is important for pediatricians to talk about childcare issues with families of special needs children. Such issues include quality of childcare, communication with the pediatric office during times of illness, and steps to be taken during crises. It is also important for pediatricians to make a plan for communication with the child care program and determine how to handle issues of confidentiality. HIPAA regulations can make easy communication more difficult. However with proper permission from parents, the ability to transfer information about a child is invaluable. The Chapter 1 Committee on Children with Disabilities has developed a form that may be helpful in the communication of concerns for special needs children in a variety of settings: in a daycare program, in an Emergency Department, a specialist office, Early Intervention program, preschool or school setting.

This form is available and downloadable as an Adobe PDF by clicking here.

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