Information to Assist with Patient Vaccine Hesitancy

Updated: Nov 1

Below is a list of different sources to cope with vaccine hesitancy in patients. It includes:

  • General vaccine information for healthcare providers

  • Disease-specific vaccine information

  • Vaccine communication strategies

  • Strategies for facilitating vaccination within the office

  • Parent Education Material

Also, general information for parents on the COVID-19 Vaccine:

General vaccine information for healthcare providers

Pediatric and adolescent immunization schedule:

Vaccine-specific ACIP recommendations:

Contraindications and precautions to commonly used vaccines:

Timing and spacing of immunobiologics:

Preventing and managing adverse reactions:

Vaccine storage and handling:

CDC guidance:

CDC Toolkit:

Vaccinations and immunocompromised hosts:

Special situations:

How to report adverse events to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System):

Vaccine information statements (VIS)

Ordering, financing, and maintaining vaccine supply:

Understanding how vaccines work:

Ensuring vaccine safety in the US:

Vaccines For Children program:

Frequently asked questions about legislation removing non-medical exemptions from school vaccination requirements:

Disease-specific vaccine information

Annual AAP influenza policy:

Influenza implementation Guidance/Practice management support:

Understanding MMR vaccine safety:

Vaccine communication strategies

Immunization Social media Toolkit

Talking with parents about vaccines for infants:

Communicating with vaccine hesitant parents:

Quick responses to questions about the infant vaccines and HPV vaccine:

Preparing for questions parents may ask about vaccines:


Strategies to assist vaccine conversations:

#HowIRecommend Vaccination Video Series:

Childhood vaccines:

Adolescent vaccines:

Flu vaccines:

Making an effective vaccine recommendation:

Addressing vaccine safety concerns:

Discussing vaccine side effects:

Addressing vaccine hesitancy or refusal:

Strategies for facilitating vaccination within the office

Foster support for vaccination within the practice:

Reminder-recall systems to increase vaccination:

Office strategies for improving immunization rates:


Involving entire practice to facilitate vaccination:


Involve the whole office:

Vaccine campaign for the office, multiple languages


Screening checklist for contraindications to vaccines for children and teens

Training for the office staff

Parent Education Material

Easy to read immunization schedules for children and teens:

Risks of not vaccinating your child:

Disease specific information and the vaccines that prevent them:

Common parent vaccine safety questions and concerns:

Vaccine development resource for parents:

Vaccine ingredients:

Vaccine safety FAQs for parents and caregivers:

Parents’ guide to childhood immunizatons:

Vaccination information in Spanish:

Vaccine resources to share with parents:


Vaccine development for parents:

NYS School Vaccination Requirements for Parents

COVID-19 Vaccine

General Information

General COVID-19 vaccine information for the practice:

CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Program Provider Requirements and Support:

How to enroll as a COVID-19 vaccination provider?

COVID-19 Vaccine Inventory Management Best Practices:

How to build confidence in COVID-19 vaccines among healthcare personnel in your practice?

COVID-19 Vaccine communication and confidence checklist:

COVID-19 vaccine FAQs for healthcare professionals:

Communicating with parents about COVID-19 vaccine

How to talk to patients about the COVID-19 vaccine:

Answering patients’ questions about the COVID-19 vaccine:

Parent education regarding COVID-19 vaccine for adolescents:

Communication resources for COVID-19 vaccines:

Promote vaccine confidence among healthcare providers:


Pediatric healthcare provider COVID-19 vaccination toolkit


COVID-19 Vaccine Training Modules:

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