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NYS Leadership AAP NY 1 District and Chapter Positions

Please note that positions which will be having 2022 elections and are open for self-nominations are highlighted in red. For more information on the positions and all that they entail please contact your Chapter Executive Director or see our website.

Position Officer Term Ends

President Dr. Winter Berry 2023

Vice President Dr. Elizabeth Murray 2023

Secretary Dr. Doug Bennett 2023

Treasurer Dr. Rebecca Butterfield 2023

Past Presidents Dr. Ed Lewis 2025

Dr. Henry Neilly 2023

Nominating Committee Dr. Henry Neilly, Chair 2023

Dr. Melinda Clark 2024

Dr. Ellen McHugh 2025

Credentials Committee Dr. Larry Denk 2025

Dr. Diana Williams 2025

Members at Large Dr. Jennifer Nayak 2022

Dr. Colleen Mattimore 2022

Dr. Tariq Khan 2024

NYS AAP District Officers

District Chair Dr. Warren Siegel 2023

District Vice Chair Dr. Mike Terranova 2023

Chapter Forum Management Committee

Dr. Lori Legano 2022

Dr. Shetal Shah 2025

National Nominating Committee

Dr. Carolyn Cleary 2022

Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Dr. Lisa Eiland 2023

SCC Representative on District Nominating Committee

Dr. Dennis Kuo 2024

NYS AAP Chapter 1 Committees

CATCH Dr. Sarah Collins-McGowan

Advocacy Committee Dr. Winter Berry and Dr. Dennis Kuo, co-chairs

Children with Disabilities Dr. Tony Malone, chair

Early Career Physicians Dr. Angela Sandell and Dr. Kome Oseghale

Hospital Medicine Dr. Jennifer Nead, chair

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Dr. Kome Oseghale

E-Cig Cessation Champion Dr.Christina Wu

Pediatric Councils:

Finger Lakes Dr. Eric Beyer Chair

Buffalo Dr. Mike Terranova Chair

Syracuse Dr. Vito Losito Chair

Albany Dr. Todd Giombetti Chair

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